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Published: April 30, 2019

Neighborhood Spotlight: Lorson Ranch

Searching for homes in Colorado Springs can be a bit overwhelming. We’re a growing city with so many options. Handcrafted Home Mortgage is here to make it easier! We’ll be giving you “Neighborhood Spotlights”, where we go in and get a feel for each neighborhood and report back to YOU.

This week’s spotlight is… Lorson Ranch! Lorson Ranch is a newer neighborhood that is still growing, with newly built homes coming up every week from Saint Aubyn, LGI Homes, Aspen View and Classic Homes. But don’t worry- even if a new-build isn’t your thing, there are quite a few existing homes on the market, as well. You can’t get lost when trying to find it, because there’s a big, beautiful sign letting you know you’ve arrived at Lorson Ranch, making it a lot easier for us more directionally challenged folks.  It is very conveniently located to several Air Force bases, including Schriever, Peterson and Fort Carson. We timed it, and it’s only about 10 minutes from Highway 24 (going a little above the speed limit, if we’re being honest here.)

Lorson Ranch is a 1,400 acre master planned community in southeast Colorado Springs. With streets lined by trees and little green plants that we don’t know the names of, it is spacious and nicely maintained. There is no HOA, rather the neighborhood is managed and maintained by a property owner covenant called the Lorson Ranch Metropolitan District Board (it’s quite the mouthful, but it does great things for the neighborhood!) There is lots of open space surrounding the area- it definitely doesn’t feel confined.

Lorson Ranch has aimed to be family oriented, including several parks for the kiddos to play at and a new elementary school under construction in Widefield School District #3 (set to open Fall of 2019). The streets are wide with sidewalks everywhere, perfect for walking and enjoying the outdoors. All of the homes are tasteful to look at, some of them even with fun accent colors like turquoise or yellow. The overall feel for the neighborhood is peaceful and friendly.

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty. There are seven different sections in Lorson Ranch, each having their own name with different builders. There is one area of townhomes, with the rest of the homes all being single-family. The average home price in Lorson Ranch is around $330,000, with the highest being about $450,000 and the lowest being around $250,000. That’s extremely reasonable, considering we felt as if the homes were all very decently sized. Those home prices are getting hard to come by in Colorado Springs.

All in all, Lorson Ranch is a lovely up-and-coming neighborhood that would be great for any family looking for a home in Colorado Springs, especially our military folks. We felt good about it, and think you will, too! Go check it out for yourself! Located off of Marksheffel and Fontaine, you can’t miss it!

At Handcrafted Home Mortgage, we are here to inform you and help you along your way. We value you and feel you are worthy of the home of your dreams. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the home buying process.

Also check out Lorson Ranch's website- http://www.lorsonranch.com/

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